Retirement Looms

One week from today, I turn in my Providence badge and officially retire. I started the job as a “temp” and stayed sixteen years. Providence has been a good place for me and I believe it was in God’s plan for me to be there. I have worked with incredibly smart and talented people and have made cherished friendships.

Several family members have asked, “Are you eager or apprehensive?” and my answer has been, “Yes!”

Am I apprehensive? Definitely a little! I wonder what my retirement will hold. How many “good years” will I have left? Only God knows that! How will I fill my days? Will I be bored? I know sitting at home with nothing productive to do would drive me crazy. I recognize there will be less money, adjustments to Medicare vs Providence-provided insurance, less structure. I know my puttering around the house may drive my hubby crazy! There will be adjustments for both of us.

Am I eager? More than a little! I look forward to less wearing shoes and bras, less waking up to an alarm clock, less fighting Meadowdale High School traffic to get off my street in the early morning.

There are also things I look forward to having. I anticipate more time and energy to do what I enjoy the most. While I am ready to retire from Providence, I do not feel God is retiring me from working for His Kingdom. In my pre-Providence life, I worked on the CrossPointe Church staff and wrote Bible Studies. I believe He is calling me to a deeper involvement at my church and to do more writing. I look forward to having more time and creative energy to devote to tasks that could have an eternal impact. I long to help people experience the love of Jesus—so needed in a world filled with anger and distrust.

I love to teach and I hope retirement will bring additional opportunities to use my teaching gift. I look forward to having time to get better acquainted with three precious little great grandchildren who are growing up incredibly fast. I anticipate having more time and energy for family and friends, and an expansion of my “Lunchtime ministry”. (Let me know when you’re available!) I look forward to hiking with my daughters, walking with friends and neighbors, and digging in the dirt, which I am certain refreshes the soul.

What will retirement hold? I really don’t know, but in spite of the apprehensions, I am ready! Please God, don’t let me waste the time you are giving me!


4 thoughts on “Retirement Looms

  1. Sharon – I have missed you as life has moved along for both us but am elated to read this posting and all you have said within. Happy Retirement – break that word down and we re-route to a new path of God’s appointing and as we ‘begin’ we don’t know what that path will hold. Yet I read of your hopes and know He will guide you in ways that will surely be ‘more’ with all that has come before a preparation for that is ‘next’.

    Definitely put me on the list when you begin doing ‘lunch ministries’!!

    Happy for you!

  2. Oh Sharon,
    Change is always a little scary but you are going to love “retiring.” I remember well what a wonderful teacher you are, and your Bible study books were wonderful. In fact, I just bought enough of your old books off Amazon for my little group to use next fall! I highly anticipate your next endeavor.
    Best wishes for your new life.

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