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Isolation, loneliness, and depression—common conditions during the Covid 19 Pandemic, and I have struggled with all three! I wish I could say that I sailed through this pandemic with my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus and a heart full of praise, but God couldn’t honor that lie.

When I retired a year and a half ago, I enthusiastically told everyone, “You will not find me sitting at home doing nothing! I will find volunteer opportunities! I will write! I will resurrect my dormant website and I will blog!” I had great intentions and started well. I helped to organize Women’s Ministry at CrossPointe Church in Bothell. We held Bible studies, Tea and Testimony events, game nights, and had a great fall retreat! I was in my element, and it was rewarding. We had planned a Women’s Ministry activity for every month of 2020, but Covid hit and our plans were squashed.

In spite of my great intentions, I found myself staying home, struggling with depression. I had time to blog, but I lacked the emotional energy. My church, which had been an important avenue of connection and service for me, closed its doors for several months.

To say that I struggled would be an understatement. During this challenging time, there were a few activities that helped me maintain a small modicum of sanity. When the weather permitted, I was outside digging in the dirt. I frequently walked with my neighbors. I learned how to use Zoom well enough to teach a ladies Bible study on Sunday mornings.

Teaching required preparing studies, and I had no lack of time. While I lacked the emotional energy to blog, I found satisfaction in preparing lessons for the class. I often spent two to three hours a day studying, writing, re-writing, tweaking, and that adds up to quite a few hours a week.

Recently I was encouraged to load these Bible-based lessons onto my website, making them available to anyone who might want to complete or lead a study. It had been years since I added anything to my website and I didn’t know how to begin. I requested prayer for wisdom and God graciously provided a talented and willing volunteer! Thank you to Nathan and Donna Way!

Our ladies class recently completed a series based on the book of Acts. I want to make that study, along with a couple of other series, available at no charge to anyone who wants to print them. Please feel free to make copies and share the studies with others. You can find them under the newly created tab called, Bible Studies. It would bless and encourage me to share these Bible-based studies with others.


10 thoughts on “Free Bible Studies

  1. YAY!!!! \o/ Thank You, Jesus!!! Well done, Sis!!! I’m so pleased to see this! I love you!💕

    On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 7:52 PM Sharon Steele Books wrote:

    > sharonsteelebooks posted: ” Isolation, loneliness, and depression—common > conditions during the Covid 19 Pandemic, and I have struggled with all > three! I wish I could say that I sailed through this pandemic with my eyes > firmly fixed on Jesus and a heart full of praise, but God could” >

  2. I am trying to leave this once more!

    Sharon, it is so good to see a posting from you – full of the honesty and realities we all have been experiencing. Yet look what God brought out of it – your writing some Bible studies and Zooming (something that has been a learning curve for us but what a way to connect). I moved last May and that was something to do when all was on lockdown – moved to Warm Beach Senior Community in Stanwood after an 11 month wait for a unit (in the section of the campus I could afford). Through Zoom I have gotten to know people and a few other involvements all ‘on screen’ but I know God has placed me where I belong and as things ease up some, ‘in person time’ will be a bit easier having met folks via the computer. As to blogging, I think that season in my life is over as something happened with “Google’ and I have been shut out of login to my own blog. It all is there but no access so there it will stay. Its a new season and we, collectively, have been shut off only to emerge -hopefully – closer to the Lord and what He has been doing with us. Thank you for the offer of the Bible studies – how generous of you. Love and miss you! Lynn

  3. Thanks Lynn! I appreciate your encouraging comments. Yes, God has been busy while we have been on lock down. I may try to come and see you after things ease up. I love Warm Beach and have had many precious times with God on that campus. Sharon

    • Sharon, it would be a joy to see you. They are not allowing visitors yet but when that comes about, we can make some plans. And yes, times with God on this glorious campus are a given – even with all on lockdown (and maybe more because we are! )

      • Sounds like a great plan! We get our second vaccinations on Wednesday, and am looking forward to a little more freedom soon after. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy , an AT&T LTE smartphone

  4. Sorry you have had such a hard time.
    We have been in lockdown most of 2020 and just now able to get out without spending 14 days in quarantine. Early on I found (Paint With Diamonds) PWD. It ‘s like color with numbers but much prettier I think. Lots of reading. Listening to music. Life is good. God is good ,Good all the time. Many virtual hugs.

  5. Hi Sharon, I was thrilled to see a post from you. Hopefully in 2021 the women’s ministries can get started again at your church. What a great ministry for women. Our women’s ministries hold a annual ladies tea as well and I see they are holding it this year! A small victory of sorts. My retirement started last April just at the beginning of covid – however I’m such a home body that I wasn’t too upset to stay home, it was what I had been looking forward too.We are able to stay connected with church with live stream and our bible study group switched to zoom. However, especially during the winter it was hard to find the motivation to do anything but the basic routine things. We recently went to Arizona (I do love the sun) because my husband’s mother died and we were helping clear the house. Since we returned, it has given me the motivation to clear out my own “stuff” that I kept for years. I’m going through closets, drawers, cabinets and making progress! It feels good to clear out unused things. You could probably do a bible study on letting go of stuff – seems there is indeed an emotional level to reaching a place to let go. Well girl – keep getting after it! Covid can’t keep you down!! So grateful for you and the way you allow the Lord to work through you. Bye nowAnn Gibs

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