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Free Downloadable Bible Studies

I’m offering the following Bible studies as downloadable PDF documents. These are electronic copies of additional books I’ve written and I would be honored and blessed if you would download a copy of these studies.

Lavish Grace photo.jpgLavish Grace is an interactive study of the book of Ephesians. It emphasizes God’s grace which forgives, empowers, brings peace, and gives meaningful purpose to all who will receive. Each chapter focuses on a specific passage of Scripture with numerous applications understandable for the newest believer and challenging enough for the most mature. Lavish Grace is designed for all who want a closer walk with God and are ready to allow His grace the freedom to work. 

Click here to download a copy of Lavish Grace.

When we think of an object’s being broken, we usually assume that it is of less value than before. However there are notable exceptions. When a horse is broken, it greatly increases in value and usefulness to its owner. Yet being broken is not an easy task for the one who is breaking the horse, and is not easy on the horse. The animal usually struggles, bucks beneath its load and wants to get that rider off its back. In much the same way, Christians seldom enjoy the breaking process. It’s painful and uncomfortable, and we want to get out from under it. However, if we will allow the Lord to work through our brokenness, it will greatly increase our usefulness to Him and to His Kingdom. 

From Brokenness to Beauty looks at a number of biblical characters who went through difficult experiences that left them broken. We will study how these individuals responded to their various trials and how God used these trying experiences to bring these believers to greater usefulness.

Click here to download a copy of From Brokenness to Beauty.

The book of Acts is a fast-paced account of the birth of the Church beginning with 120 Jews in Jerusalem. It records the phenomenal growth of the first century church to include Gentiles and the geographical spread of Christianity from Jerusalem and Judea throughout the known world at that time. It records both the challenges and the victories of the first century church. Although your Bible probably titles this book, The Acts of the Apostlesa more accurate name would be The Acts of the Holy Spirit through the ApostlesWe will see the dynamic move of God’s Spirit, leading, guiding, empowering believers to share the good news of Jesus, and we will see dramatic life-changing results. We will find truths and applications that can encourage and challenge us today. 

Click here to download a copy of Empowered by the Holy Spirt.

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